We have successfully delivered 200 plus projects to our customers in time and with high quality.

Most of the top ten semiconductors companies are our happy clients. And we do our level best to add new client and retain it.

Our team consist of 100 plus quality engineers with custom and semi-custom chip design experience.

We are driven by people and believe in their abilities. Our engagement model ensures that uniqueness of people retained.

Bring the best

ACL VLSI is commited to bring the best to our customers whether it is highly competent tech leads, throughly trained jouner engineers and a no frills approach with the business.

Best semiconductor company


Create a services company which is known for its World Class Quality Engineering Talent.


To create an ecosystem which attracts best engineering talent capable of handling most complex VLSI designs and serving our customers in most satisfactory ways.

Our VLSI Team

Ashok has total industry experience of 18 years doing custom foundation IPs. He has worked with Intel, Qualcomm and ARM.

Ashok Mishra

Vice President, VLSI Practice

Chirag has 11 years of experience in custom circuit design and has 10 circuit patents to his credit. He has worked with companies like Qualcomm and STM. Chirag is responsible for driving engineering and customer relationship.

Chirag Gulati

Senior Director of Engineering

Rajiv Mittal is having 17+ years of experience in Physical Design, STA, Synthesis and Low Power Implementation. As PD Lead, successfully taped-out more than 8 SOC in the different sectors (Mobile, IoT and Automotive). He has one patent and four paper publications to his credit. He has worked with Freescale, AMD and Qualcomm. He will be responsible for building and development of SOC team with focus on Physical Design and STA domains.

Rajiv Mittal

Senior Director